Friday, 22 May 2009

done and dusted

I have finally handed in my stain work,i'm feeling very pleased with the overall outcome. I have displayed several pieces in a glas cabinet, lit from above.I think this emphasises the idea of the stains being precious marks to be treasured and valued. let's hope that the tutors and moderators agree.
There is still the opportunity for further exploratiopn and development of my stain savouring idea. i'm sure i'll continue with this concept in the future. I'm also realy pleased with the combination of textiles and ceramics.I believe that they compliment one another and sit happily together.
I'm going to miss the studio over the coming weeks, but will have flat and job hunting to fill my days with.Heres hoping I find myself a nice little job to fill my time and pockets with very soon, plus a happy home for me the mr and my crafting!!

Friday, 8 May 2009

The staining continues

I'm beginning to piece together my work slowly but surely. I have a much clearer idea of what I want to make. Two weeks before hand in deadline = very busy days and nights
Hopefully i'll have them all completed by the middle of next week.
These are photographs of my first attempts at press moulded bowls and plates. Very few of my first attempts have survived the whole process, conditions have changed so much weather wise lately i've really struggled in judging the moistness of the clay. fracturing the forms by coating them in slip when too dry. However I do like some of the broken pots and how they relate to the stains. I've still got lots and lots of stain embroidery ahead of me. I did however get myself an almighty blood blister yesterday by trapping my thumb in a pair of plyers. i'm praying I dont end up with tea and blood stained ceraMics by the end of the week!!


I've been lucky enough to attend a couple of wokshops run by steve Dixon on the making and application of ceramic transfers. I think I may have found my new favorite thing.The possibilities are endless. I've got this realy kitsch mint green tea set just waiting to be jazzed up with some transfer action.
Here are some of my first attemps at some very basic transfers. I made these transfers from the packaging from some paper patterns I bought in the charity shop. I've used metalic enamel to highlight the mens tie pins,buttons,cuffliks even the pens in their pockets.I've stamped a cheesy chat up line on the bottom of each saucer just for my own amusement. I'm looking forward to washing up and discovering the odd 'hey sweetcheeks' !

The pewter work continues

I'm still working like a mad women trying to finish my pewter work ready to photograph and send to london town. Today was the first day that myself and the pewter began to really get along. The metal is actually doing as it is told for once and i'm so relieved. Hopefully it'll be done and dusted by next week and then all i have to worry about is getting myself to london to drink champers and celebrate!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Pewter Live

It's been a while since my last blog. i'm still cracking on with my stain ceramics project but i've been slightly distracted lately with the Pewter Live project that I've entered. I've been working on producing a range of wearables for the jewelry brief. I began the project a few months ago making these foil prototypes based upon some pewter bottle tags that I came across .
The range of jewelry is meant to highlight how Drinking culture has changed. Alcohol is no longer valued as a precious commodity to be treasured, decanted and ornamented. Instead, it is enjoyed instantly.
I have adapted the traditional bottle tag making it wearable, decorating the person rather than the disused decanter, reusing a traditional product to produce something contemporary. I visited Wentworths factory today in sheffield and was able to cast my forms from the original moulds and adapt them for my project. much thanks to brian and peter for their asistance and smiles. I ended the day with 2 kilos of pewter, 15 cast,pierced and soldered tags. I now need to stamp out the lettering and get them on some beautiful models. The tags will be labeled with my friends and relatives favorite drinks and then photographed on the person.

Saturday, 11 April 2009